Selasa, 18 Maret 2014

Japan Denies Operation MH370 Search Underway Disorderly

The Japanese government denied the claim that the search operation led by Malaysia Airlines MH370 Malaysia goes awry . This statement was delivered by Ambassador Candidate Makio Miyagawa of Japan to Malaysia .

According to him , from the description of the Japanese rescue team members who joined the search operation is no statement like that coming out of their team members . (See also : Ilmu kebidanan)

" There are 107 members of the SAR team were assigned , they are members of the defense team and the Coast Guard , and no matter who it comes from the Malaysian side , " Miyagawa said as quoted by the Daily News , Tuesday ( 18/03/2014 ) .

" Our partnership with Malaysia going well , they gave us a lot of information accurately and quickly . So there is absolutely no problem to join in this operation , " he added .

Not only that , Miyagawa explains the Japanese government will not stop the search operation . Even the Japanese call , will continue and expand its assistance in accordance with the latest developments ad

Measles Outbreak in New York May Have Spread in Medical Facilities

A rare outbreak of measles in New York City may have been spread by the failure of medical workers to recognize the disease quickly enough and to quarantine patients so they would not infect others, a city epidemiologist said on Monday.

Dr. Jay Varma, the health department’s deputy commissioner for disease control, said that the department’s investigators were looking at whether some of the 20 confirmed cases — which are concentrated in northern Manhattan — might have resulted from exposure in medical facilities. Measles is one of the most contagious diseases and can be spread through airborne respiratory droplets even two hours after an infected person has left the room.

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“We know a number of people were exposed and possibly got their infection either at a doctor’s office or at an emergency room where they went and it took more time than it should have for them to be put in an isolation area where they couldn’t possibly infect anyone else,” Dr. Varma said. The outbreak was first detected in early February.

Dr. Varma declined to identify any medical facilities, saying that such exposure was not unusual and that “we are not trying to shame any one institution.” But he said that this route of exposure could make it harder to contain and to track the outbreak, because it was not concentrated in any one social or cultural circle, as contagious diseases often are.

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A health department spokesperson said Monday that no cases had been traced back to a hospital, but on March 12, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center sent an email to its staff saying that several pediatric and adult patients with measles had sought treatment there, “resulting in nearly 600 patients being potentially exposed to measles.” The email went on to say, “Many of our clinical staff have never seen a case of measles.”